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About Bronson Tang

My name is Bronson Tang and I’m a business & internet marketing blogger. I love to write, learn, and share and teach what I have learned.  I live in a small town in Spain with my beautiful wife and handsome son ( I am a little bias), and I have been making a full time living online for many years.

I started this site purely out of my love for calisthenics.

I am just an ordinary guy training and working out to have EXTRA-ordinary health​ and well-being.

Calisthenics is my passion and love.​

My Background

A short while ago I was unable to do even a pull up because of a sports injury.

Now I can do a dozen.

In 2013, I suffered an excruciating back injury which I thought was something that I would just have to live with. Some days I could barely walk.

What’s the difference?

I believe it’s calisthenics.

Along with the help of Rolfing/Structural Integration therapy and good old fashioned bodyweight exercises, I was able to rise from the ashes and regain my health.

What I have come to learn is that I still have very much to learn.

I have also gained a new found respect for the human body, as it is our greatest gift.

How we choose to use it is up to each and every one of us.

I also believe an attitude of gratitude has also played a key role in my recovery.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”
-Nelson Mandela

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Our health is without a doubt, the single most important thing in our lives. Many of us strive for the ideal, perfect health. It seems as though it is this ephemeral object out there in the distance.

We become programmed to believe it is something that we can never truly achieve. It becomes the proverbial carrot and stick, with all of the incessant mainstream media propaganda trying to convince us that we are less than perfect.

It’s this sort of propaganda that continues the vicious cycle of distracting us from overcoming our own inner and outer struggles that keep us from achieving the optimum health we all deserve.

I have chosen the phrase, optimum health rather than perfect health, because health is not a question of perfection. You are already perfect just the way you are. Your ideal health, is more so, the result of rediscovering your optimum health.

Within each of us, there is an optimum level of health. It is my intention to share with you some of the fundamental teachings that I have been fortunate enough to uncover regarding how to exactly achieve this optimum level of health that is both easy to understand and simple to put into practice.

Why Setup This Blog?

The journey to rediscovering your ideal optimum level of health first begins on the inside. We need to begin with a type of mental and emotional housecleaning.

One story that brilliantly illustrates the importance of working on the inside out is the story of a young business executive and his five year-old son. One day a young business executive took some work home to complete for an important meeting the next day.

However every few minutes his five-year-old son would interrupt his train of thought. After several such interruptions, the young executive spotted the evening paper with a map of the world on it.

He took the map, tore it into a number of tiny pieces, and told his son to put the map together again. He figured this would keep the little fellow busy for a long time and he could complete his work. However, in less than a minute the boy excitedly told his dad he finished. The young executive was astonished and asked the boy how he had done it so quickly.

The little guy said, “There was a picture of a man on the other side, so I just turned it over and put the man together. When I got the man right, the world was right.” In other words when you get you right, your world will be right, and more importantly your health.


​Each of us has the potential to reach the top in whatever we strive to achieve.

We can choose to create a journey of wonder and excitement that is overflowing with passion and a commitment toward excellence. We can also choose to create a journey that is mired down with fear, doubt, and self-imposed limitations.

Ultimately whatever life journey you create is a matter of choice. The journey begins with a commitment to see it through, forge ahead, and by staying on the path.

At any moment in time we are faced with the decision to quit or to continue on. The journey toward the top of your ideal optimum health can often times be filled with challenges and obstacles.

The climb inevitably becomes more about who you become as a person and less about the climb itself. I ask you to consider this.

It is my hope that your own personal journey is filled with success, passion, and excitement and that this website will positively contribute toward the growth of both your health and your life’s journey.

I am willing to change.

“I am willing to release my old patterns and negative beliefs. The power that created me has given me the power to create my new life. I choose positive, fulfilling new thoughts. I begin anew, right here, right now”
– Louise Hay