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Developing a great full body calisthenic workout routine can be somewhat of a task. Especially if you are just starting out. There is so much information on the web that it can become daunting to decide which workout routine is right for you.

The key is to decide.

Probably the best piece of advice came from author and speaker, Tony Robbins. Tony was talking about the power of decision making and he summed it up into four pretty simple steps.

1) You MUST first, clearly decide what it is that you’re absolutely committed to achieving.

2) You’re MUST BE willing to take massive action.

3) You notice what’s working and what’s not.

4) You continue to change your approach until you achieve your goal.



Step 1: Decide

Everything first starts with a decision, It seems so trite but yet it is so true. The decision to get in the best shape of your life is a decision and the decision to  just sit on the couch or at your desk and put off working out is also a decision.

Deciding is not wishful thinking. It has to be a MUST. If it is not a MUST than it is just a should and you when was the last time you were motivated to do anything that was driven by a should?

First decide what are your fitness goals? Other decisions may include how much time per day can you really truly devote uninterrupted free of distractions to your health? You MUST decide on your fitness and health goals and the frequency that you can commit to.

We are talking about your health. It is the single most important thing you have on the planet. What are you willing to do to being in the best shape of your life?

You must also be somewhat realistic. If you have not worked out in quite some time than give yourself a realistic time frame and expectations but set the bar high. The higher you set the bar the more you have to fuel the fire of motivation. Also note health is not a destination it is a journey. It takes commitment, consistency, persistence and determination. I would be lying to you if I said it was easy peasy. But it first begins with a decision.

Step 2: Act

The next step is to take massive amounts of action. Almost to the point of being ridiculous. We are talking about your health. So it deserves some proper attention and taking massive action is perfect.

What is meant by massive action is if you want to workout do one thing now that would point you in the direction that you wish to be. For example,  you came to this website, which was action in and of itself, now based on your fitness goals go Exercise Prescription and begin creating your own workout routine.

If you having difficulties coming up with ideas here are some great links and videos that you can incorporate into your workout routine:

Workout Generator is a FREE online app that you just enter your information and it pops out a prefab workout routine based on your answers.

Workout Labs has some FREE printable illustrated workout routines. Granted not all are FREE. Last time I checked there were 22 routines and 11 were FREE. Just hover your mouse over to see which ones are FREE and which are not. They also have a fancy dandy FREE custom workout plan app, where you can create your own workout plan. It’s pretty slick (Prefab Workout Plans) (Create Your Own/ DIY)

Fortis has a slew of calisthenic workout routines minus photos, so unless you are familiar with the terminology you might get lost. But they have some solid routines.

5 Exercises included in Calisthenics Workouts (Video below)

5 of each Calisthenics exercise will build your basic strength, once you can perform 5 sets of 5 reps in each exercise, you’re ready for the intermediate 5×5 Challenge and the advanced Challenge too. So what are these simple workouts which will kick-start your calisthenic strength?

  • 5 Australian Pull-ups
  • 5 Lying Knee Tucks
  • 5 Split Squats (Right Leg)
  • 5 Split Squats (Left Leg)
  • 5 Push ups


Level: Beginner (Time: 1:29 min)


Train at level where you can manage as many reps with good technique and form.

Set rest (Rest between exercises)

Start simple.

Do alternatives/adjust for elevation/angle if needed

  • Inverted Rows: 15-20 reps/3-5 sets
  • Standard Push Ups: 15-20 reps/2-3 sets
  • Squats: 15-20 reps/2-3 sets
  • Lunges: 10 reps EACH leg/ 2-3 sets
  • Calf Raises: 15-20 reps or one leg 10 reps/2-3 sets
  • Pike Push Ups: 10-20 reps/2-3 sets
  • High Rows: 10-15 reps/2-3 sets
  • Knee Raises and/or Crunches: 10-15 reps/2-3 sets
  • Plank: One/A couple of sets holding as long as possible


Level: Beginner to Advanced (Time: 6:13 min)

Step 3: Notice What’s Working
This one is pretty easy. If you are getting results and gains than you will see the fruits of your labor. It’s best to be patient and wait 8-12 weeks. The first 30 days you may see improvements but everyone is different and you need to stay focused and not abandon your routine simply because you don’t look like a fitness model. Remember the goal is improved health and fitness and that it is a journey.

If you see that after 8 weeks you are not seeing slight improvements it may be time to re-evaluate your workout routine. More importantly are you eating and getting enough sleep each and every day. That is paramount to just about any type of training you do.

Paying astute attention to what’s working and what’s not working will make a huge difference in your progress towards your goal(s).



Step 4: Change Your Approach Until You Achieve Goal(s)

Flexibility is the key in this step. If you are working out and you notice that it’s not working change. I am sure you are familiar with the quote by Einstein on the definition of insanity, if you are not. Einstein defined insanity as; “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

It would be shear madness and insanity to continue working out the same way if you are not getting any results. For that matter, it would also make sense to change and seriously take a look at what you are actually putting into your body in the form of food, if you are not growing and seeing any type of gains.

In addition, and I can’t stress this one enough, sleep sleep sleep. You body recovers when are resting and not when you are working out.

In conclusion, everything in life starts with a decision. The direction and where one goes based on that decision is entirely up to him or her. I can say emphatically, that even the idea of making no decision and not doing anything about improving your health and the quality of your life is also a decision.

Albeit, a very risky and somewhat dangerous decision. I mean, come on, we are talking about your health what better time to be in the best shape your life than now.

Note: Here is an additional audio on Tony Robbins on the Power of Decision Making (Time: 6:16 min)

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