Interview Exclusive: Louis Parkinson, Elite Top Rock Climber


I first heard about Louis Parkinson from a video on Facebook from my good friend Cory, here is a longer version of the video.

When I saw this video I was dumb founded. It was just down right incredible.

I had to interview Louis.

I sent him an email and the rest as they say was history.

Louis is a super down to earth and sincerely humble person. The interview was such a delight. I got to learn a lot about how he first got started and what drives him to do what many only dream of.

According to Louis, “Between 14 and 17, I was practically living at my local climbing centre…it wasn’t because I was fiercely determined to be the best – I just LOVED climbing! And I feel the same way now! I think the people I teach really feed off of that passion.”

He is based out of London so if you are in the neighborhood, you want some lessons with the one and only feel free to look him up at

Louis is considered one of the UK’s best climbers.

It is a huge honor to welcome Louis Parkinson.

Welcome Louis!

Interview Louis Climber

[Download Audio] 29 MB (Time 28:48 Minutes)


To learn more about Louis Parkinson, check out his site

You can also check him out at his Facebook page.

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